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Is a DepositPhotos Discount Worth [$] To You?

sign-up-in-depositphotosWhen you sign up for a new account with DepositPhotos, you’re in for a treat. Right now DepositPhotos is offering a seven-day free trial. Within the seven days, you’ll have the opportunity of downloading five free photos per day with no strings attached. There are no purchases, no fees and no minimum requirement. It truly is free.

As you well know, stock photos are not always cheap. The prospect of receiving 35 free images is certainly enticing – they have millions to choose from. With over 36 categories of pictures, it will prove more difficult not to find what you look for. People spend hundreds of dollars every month subscribing to these stock photo agencies. What better way to let people truly try out a service than to take 35 images of your choice for free?


The goodies don’t end there. After the seven-day free trial, you will be asked to pick a plan. This plan will carry with it a 15 percent discount on your first purchase, you can read the full details in Stock Photo Secrets. If you are a heavy user of stock photos, free images will be right up your alley.

Stock photos can be used for almost anything. The usual set of circumstances rule for royalty-free images is unlimited Web use, limited print use and no distribution rights. Most people use them for the blog, sales pages and other Internet marketing purposes.

Let’s take a look at what 15 percent means. For easy math, let’s take a look at what 10 percent means. There are people who spend over $500 per month on stock imagery. 10 percent of that is $50, so 15 percent of that is $75. It may not seem like much, but it is a significant savings. If you couple that with 35 free images, you’re saving over $100 for nothing more than becoming their customer.

depositphotos-logoRoyalty-free images do not mean free. It means you do not need to pay a royalty once you license your image and pay for it. Unlimited Web use means you can download it an unlimited amount of times without paying for it again and again. The standard license is limited. If you need to step outside the bounds of the standard license, an extended license is available.

Is the discount worth it to you? That depends – is $100 worth it to you? For many people, this is a no-brainer.