Blog Images Copyright: Where to Find Images for Blog Posts?

Copyright law says you cannot copy and distribute someone else’s copyrighted works without permission from the owner. Usually, permission is granted through a license that can be acquired through a purchase. Since using images is crucial to creative works, you need to incorporate them to draw in your audience or tell your story. In order not to break any blog images copyright, you need to know where to find blog images for blog posts. Visit here for more information.

There are a number of image sources on the Internet. In fact, thousands of images are also scattered in the World Wide Web. But, these images do not include the right license that allows you to use the images as you like. For royalty free blog article images, you need to purchase from a reputable stock site like Stock Photo Secrets and PixelRockstar.

  • Backed by industry experts, PixelRockstar is the WordPress image plugin that rocks. It features of 4 million royalty free stock photos that are legally safe to use. It also boasts an easy to use interface that lets you search and add images to your articles and social media in just a few seconds. Coming with a Digital License, you can use the photos for any digital use.
  • Stock Photo Secrets. Are you looking for images that you will not find anywhere else? Yes, Stock Photo Secrets has over 4 million hand-picked premium images. Create a free browsing account and find your plan to start curating and sharing your own lightboxes, follow your favorite artists, and download any image in super high resolution. You also get to keep everything you download forever.

If you are looking for images for blog posts, these two are the best options. You don’t have to worry about the copyright police chasing your back because the blog article images are licensed.