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How to Win Buyers and Influence Sales with DepositPhotos Stock Photos

depositphotos-logoHow would you react if walked up to you with a photograph that I was selling for one dollar and told you that you can make sale after sale with it? Would you be skeptical? I know I would be. I would have lots of questions for someone who made a claim like that.

Is that not what we do with stock photos? We take a photograph that cost under $10 and use it to earn money with. Stock photos, in this case, are considered an investment. As a marketer, you have one tough job. Many people don’t like sales. It can be quite uncomfortable to ask someone for money, even if you have something you can offer in return for said money. It takes a certain eloquence – certain brand of confidence – to ask people for money.

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As uncomfortable as it is to ask people for money, it still needs to be done. I’m here to ensure that your job is made just a little bit easier by using stock photos from DepositPhotos. You see, DepositPhotos has over 25 million photos organized into 36 distinct categories at your disposal to make sure that you can convey exactly the message you’re trying to communicate.

The toughest of these categories is the abstract category. In fact, the Abstract category is what we are going to focus on today. An abstract concept is one that it exists as a thought or idea but takes on no concrete form, physical or otherwise. Let’s focus on the abstract concept of how to relate to people. When you can get your product or message to relate to people on an innate level, you can have the eating out of the palm of your hand. This is best done when you advertise with stories. Storytelling is an ancient method of human engagement. Entire lives can be written down and told in a storybook format.

Your assignment is to tell a story that relates to your product or service. You can then tell people how your product or service can help them. Toward the end of the story, you can choose a photograph that depicts happiness. Happiness, like all feelings, is abstract. By associating your story and the results that can be achieved through your product or service with positive feelings, you’re relating to people on a subconscious level.


Do you want to influence sales? Do you want to win new buyers? This is how you do it. Make sure that your story always has a picture that invokes positive feelings in people. By making that mental association, you can use DepositPhotos to win buyers and influence sales. Make sure you use that picture – no one likes to see a wall of text.