Some Tips on Buying Alamy Stock Photos

Alamy offers the largest collection of stock images in the market. Even with over 69 million high quality stock images, there are still some things you need to keep in mind when buying stock images from the website. These will help you find and buy the image you are looking for, and estimate your budget for stock images. Here are some tips on finding, buying and pricing of Alamy stock photos.

  • To search the collection of Alamy stock photos, enter keywords into the search bar. The stock site makes it easier with tricks of the trade. If your keywords is a group of words or a phrase, use quotation marks. You can also use ‘and’, ‘or’, and ‘not’ in your searches to exclude keyword. Also, use brackets to create search strings. For instance, if you are looking for one person running, use (1 or one or single) (man or male) (woman or female) (jogging or running).
  • alamyMake use of search buttons to shuffle your search results. Alamy provides three sort buttons, including New, Relevant, and Creative. Use the New button to sort images by date to easily find new content. Use the Relevant button to sort images by relevance of your keywords – recommended for editorial researches. Lastly, use the Creative button to sort images by creativity. This sort includes images favored by customers and those handpicked for their awesomeness.
  • To buy Alamy stock photos, visit the website online. You can also chat or call the support to help you match the way you want to use the images to the right package, for the right price. The website offers group deals and discounted rates for larger volumes as well. Moreover, you can access high resolution images without a commitment to buy so you can check how they look in layout. When you are ready, Alamy will you set you up with an account via PayPal or credit card.
  • The price of Alamy stock photos depends on the license type and your purpose. If you are buying royalty-free images, the price will depend on the size. If you are buying rights-managed images, the price will depend on how you will use the image. You can use the online calculator to calculate the price. The stock site also offers price packages to make things easier.

To make your purchase experience better, keep in mind of the above tips on finding and buying Alamy stock photos. Also take note of the pricing. Alamy has been online since 1999, but the website has been consistently providing high quality images for creative users. It adds over 60,000 new images to its already stacked collection. It is also dedicated to leveraging technical information and efficiency to open up opportunities in the microstock market.